• Making A Difference, One Five At A Time!

Kicking cancer once is tough. Beating it three times? Inspiring. Linda Ryan has battled thyroid cancer in 2002, cervical cancer in 2004, and recurrent cervical cancer in 2011. Linda’s third experience with cancer was the most significant as the cancer metastasized to her lymph nodes.  Thanks in large part to Linda’s healthy lifestyle, she was able to make a third recovery. “Everyone should make some sort of exercise, whether it’s walking or going to the gym or whatever they enjoy doing, part of their life regularly. I was diagnosed 4 weeks after running my first marathon and continued to run and exercise through my 8 rounds of chemotherapy. Every step I took I was letting cancer know it would not win.”

Linda’s passion for fitness and healthy living is a mainstay of ME STRONG, the charitable organization she founded with her friends. A 5K organized to support Linda during her recurrence of cervical cancer morphed into a charity that channels Linda’s talents, energy, and empathy. ME STRONG aims to support those living with cancer whether it be emotionally, financially, or providing educational resources.

“Through ME STRONG and our contributions to research I have been able to tour research labs that are focused on finding a cure. The passion of the scientists in those labs is wonderful to see. It would give many battling the disease hope” Linda shares.

Want to know how you can contribute to ME STRONG? Participate in the 5K on February 1, 2014 in DeLand, Florida.  Click here to register.

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