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At age 13, Jordan Jones was diagnosed with aggressive form of testicular cancer. Unknowingly, all of the warning signs were ignored. (Click here for signs & symptoms) Left untreated, the cancer spread to his abdomen, neck, and lungs. His chances of survival were dim. His treatments lasted a period of 10 months. He received six cycles of chemotherapy and a total of seven surgeries to remove pounds and pounds of tumors throughout his body. As of December, 2009, Jordan’s medical treatments exceed over $800,000 and continue to rise. Jordan receives periodic CT scans and blood work to keep a close eye on him for the next three years, after which the chances of his cancer coming back are minimal. Jordan is currently seeing a specialist in Urology due to complications from the retroperitoneal lymph node dissection (12 hour abdominal surgery) and/or chemotherapy.

Jordan currently attends Grand Junction High School in Western Colorado, where he is a Honor Roll Student; this is a great feat after missing most his 8th grade school year. He plays lacrosse and varsity football. Nothing holds him back, not even cancer. He is a shining example of God’s Grace, positive thinking and will power. Jordan is an inspiration to many, especially to his family.

All donations during the month of November will go to giving support to Jordan’s family, so please donate what you can. Every donation, small and large, helps.

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