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VP, Fundraising

Where are you from?

I am an Airforce brat so I have lived just about everywhere including Guam! I moved to Jupiter, Florida in about 4th grade so that is where I claim to be from.

What is/are your college degree(s) in or student status and which degree are you seeking?

Undergraduate: Stetson University, Marketing (Major) All Things Fun (Minor)

Where do you work?

I am Commercial Sales Executive for Brown & Brown of Florida, Florida’s largest full service insurance agency.

How did you get involved in H54H?

It was started by some of my closest friends but more importantly, it is a cause that I care deeply about and want to share with others.

Why do you enjoy being a High Fiver?

I am a big fan of High Fives…. Have you ever given someone a high five and not smiled? I mean we spread awareness through fun and fives!! What is there not to like?

What does it mean to you to be a High Fiver?

There is no better feeling than when someone tells us that our organization has helped them cope with their illness and brought a smile to their face.

What is your favorite H54H event that you have participated in and why?

Cocktails for Hope, but the golf Tournament is a contender

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